GO Haiti - True North

GO Haiti - True North

Leader: Amy Hunt
May 26-June 1, 2019 | $2070

Cityview has partnered with Mission of Hope Haiti to reach the people of Haiti in a new and exciting way. There are parts of  Haiti in the North and South regions that have been difficult to reach by land because of the rough terrain and underdeveloped infrastructure. True North provides a solution to this problem by traveling through the sea instead of land. 

True North is a 110 ft fishing vessel converted into a floating Mission of Hope campus. It is used to reach people with the Gospel and provide much needed care in the North and South regions through the HaitiOne network. True North advances the vision of bringing life transformation to every man, woman, and child in Haiti. Each voyage provides different opportunities to impact lives through ministries such as medical care, home construction, and sharing the Gospel. 

Because of the nature of True North trips, all trips must consist of medical professionals or those with skilled construction labor experience. We do allow support team members who do not possess those skills at a 2:1 (skilled:support) ratio. In addition, minimum age for a minor traveling with his/her guardian is 12 years old. All minors must be accompanied by his/her guardian.


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