Growth Groups

Being connected deeply to our church family means finding a Growth Group that is a fit for you. The descriptive term "Growth" expresses our purpose in these groups - to grow closer to Christ and to grow in meaningful friendship with Christ-followers.


How Do Growth Groups Work?

These home Bible study groups require a ten-week commitment, and are comprised of 8-14 people. They meet weekly to share, to study God's Word and to support one another spiritually. The groups meet for three 10-week sessions from September through June, taking a break during the summer months.

How do I choose a group?

Pray and take action. We've found that groups do best when members share a common stage in life and/or interest. We recommend that you choose a group based on your commonality and connection rather than other factors. Click here to find your group. 

Growth Group Schedule


Fall – Sept 16th - Nov 30
Winter - Jan 20 - Mar 31st
Spring - April 14th - June 22th
Summer - Off Season

Contact Us

Mark Davis, Spiritual Formation Pastor, at / 512-682-6632
Betsy Boggs, Administrator, at /512-682-6631